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A vaping guide for beginners

Whether you’re at the very start of your vaping journey, or considering making the switch from cigarettes, the options for vaping devices along with the sheer variety of e-liquid flavours can be really exciting but also, understandably, a little overwhelming. Here at Let’s Vape MCR, we’d like to help you out a little with this beginners guide which provides all the vital tips you need to take the first steps on your vaping journey.

A starter kit 

Starter kits can take the stress out of buying your first vape, as most come with everything you need to get vaping. These kits will often include the vaping device itself as well as a user guide to help you understand your model, a charging cable, if the device is rechargeable, making maintenance and set-up very easy. 

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Mods can in most cases be similar to starter kits however they are a larger form factor and usually provide a lot more power for longer vaping without charging or more intense clouds. Some mods come without tanks and batteries (which you can buy separately). Mods are intended for those who are more enthusiastic about their vaping experience.


Pods are growing in popularity in the vaping community. This has been enabled with the improvements in technology. They operate in a similar manner to starter kits but usually have a smaller form factor.

There are two types of pod devices: 

Closed systems - you buy pre-filled pods which you consume and dispose of after they are empty.

Open systems -  which are the same as typical devices where you fill empty pods (tanks) with your own choice of liquid.

Pods are great for beginners because they are small and fit in your pocket easily.

Choosing your vape juice flavour 

If you’ve chosen a starter device and you’re looking to stock up on e-liquids, we have a varied range to choose from. Consider exploring different ranges that cater to your own personal taste. We stock a variety of familiar, tobacco flavoured e-liquids to help ease the transition for smokers from cigarettes to e-liquids. The options are limitless, with flavours ranging from nostalgic  sweets treats and refreshingly tangy drinks through to tropical popping fruits and cool menthol hits to keep your tastebuds engaged and your journey on track.

The fun of vaping is in the ability to switch up your flavours each time you buy a new one and here at our vape store in Manchester.

Considering your vape juice strength

It’s vital to consider the strength of the nicotine in your e-liquid, as this could be key in helping you make a successful transition from smoking. Many new vapers who switch find it easier to start with a high nicotine percentage e-liquid and then gradually step down in strength. We provide a range of strengths varying from 18mg right down to 0mg for those looking to completely eliminate their nicotine intake. 

  • 0mg/ml – Perfect for non-smokers or someone who wants to give vaping a go. At 0mg you can try whatever flavour appeals to you.
  • 3mg/ml – Suitable for light smokers who want to see what vaping is all about. Three mg is about as low as you’ll find above nicotine-free.
  • 6mg/ml – Six is the standard launch point for regular smokers who make the switch to vaping. It’s also a good starting point, making it easy to move up or down the nicotine hierarchy.
  • 12mg/ml – This is the level for pack-a-day tobacco smokers. At 12mg the ‘throat hit’ is a rougher physical sensation, which could be off-putting for a first-time vaper.
  • 18mg/ml – This is level H for hardcore, suitable for a chain smoker who burns through daily packs of cigarettes and needs that strong hit.


If you’re still feeling a little unsure, be sure to visit our Lets Vape MCR vape shop. Our cafe is the number one premium vaping spot in Manchester and you will find like minded people who will be happy to help out and offer advice

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