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When I talk about "Pod Mods" I am usually talking about sub-ohm pod kits or pod kits with the ability to switch between sub-ohm & MTL styles of vaping.

A great example of this type of kit is the Voopoo Argus Pro kit. The Argus Pro kit is a sleek and powerful Pod Mod that has an 80watt power setting, adjustable airflow and versatile coils coils letting you switch between sub-ohm vaping & MTL vaping.

This style of pod kit is currently making a huge splash in the vaping industry due to their reliable nature and huge versatility. Meaning people only really gave to use one vape kit to experience most of what vaping has to offer.

Now the term "AIO" simply stands for "all-in-one" vaping brands usually put this on kits to tell you that everything you need (minus the Eliquid of course) to get started vaping, not many companies do this now as the term "AIO" is seem as older vaping jargon, but it's always nice to know as some companies & vaping brands still add this to there packets.

I would recommend, if you wanted a more versatile "Pod Mod" kit, the Voopoo Argus Pro kit or the Smok Nord 4 or Smok IpX80 kits as these are affordable but value for money "Pod Mod" kits to try out at first!


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