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Disposable spotlight: Orange county 3500 puff

Vaping CBD is a great way to get your CBD dosage, it's fast acting and helps quickly when you need it the most. Orange county has always been a big named brand in the CBD industry making many different products like tinctures & edibles which have always been super high quality and normal taste great too!
Now I got the chance to get my hands on there 3.5k puff disposable vape pens, and what can I say they are great! At 1000mg CBD content per pen they have a prefect amount of CBD per puff for me, the flavours are classic and taste great, my favourite being the kiwi passionfruit & guava one!
The battery life is amazing it lasts me for ages, I don't vape CBD as much as I do my regular ecig but I still use it more than most and I got 1 and a half weeks out of it! Not bad going. 
I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into CBD (or anybody that already uses CBD) pop into our shop and grab one for yourself!


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