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E-liquid spotlight: Wick Liquor

Wick liquor is an extraordinary brand of E-liquid, there different ranges of flavours are well mixed with balanced flavour proflies, that will leave you wanting more. 

The 50ml shortfills they have are an experience that no sub-ohm vaper would want to miss out on! With brillantly sweet and fresh flavours like Boulevard or Contra or slightly different cake or yoghurt flavour lines! Each bottle is a lovely smooth vaping experience and strong but subtle flavours. 

They dont just stop at 50ml shortfills they also have there own line of nic salt E-liquid and HUGE 150ml juggernaut bottles! 

My personal favorite flavours are (listed below) 

Boulevard: which is an amazing mix of Mardi Gras fruit punch and a sweet Malibu loganberry pump. 

Carnival: which is a more cake flavour but is a mix of Santa's Monica glazed doughnut rings with Choli sugar skull cake. A super sweet treat! 

Miyako Raspberry: one of my few go too E-liquids, the Miyako Raspberry is a super sweet Honshu Raspberry blended with a delicious Kirumi cream puff yoghurt! 

I would highly recommend that you try this brand for yourself you won't regret it!



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