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Making sure you use the correct wattage on your vape kit.

This one should be a nice, easy & quick one this week. In this blog post I am going to clarify what wattage you should be using for the coils you're using, that being if you even need to do it yourself but more about that in a bit.
To make this super simple, when trying to find what wattage you should set your Mod at check the side of the coil, it should have the wattage range printed on the side, it should look like this (32w - 40w), as long as you set your Mods wattage setting to any number that is those listed or in-between them, the coil will work perfectly. 
A quick warning, never set your Mods wattage setting higher than the highest value in the wattage range for the coil. You risk burning out your coil quickly if you do that.
Some kits/mods make this process even easier by running in either a smart mode or byass mode. These modes let the ecig read your coil and correctly apply the wattage setting without you having to interfere with it or setting it yourself.
Making sure you use the right wattage setting can sound complicated at first but it's easy once you have been told how to do it! As always though please send our Facebook page or Instagram a. Message if you need further help in the future.


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