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Mesh coils vs Wire coils: what's the difference?

There are a few different types of coils on the market, which you will especially see if you use a sub-ohm tank. Today I am going to tell you the differences and pros of each major type of coils you can get. 

Single core wire coil:
These are your standard coil/atomiser that most MTL kits use. These types of coils are the simplest of setups, a single "coil spring" of wire surrounded by the wicking material (Normally cotton). The reason this type of coil is so prevalent throughout the different styles of vaping is due to the fact of this design is very easy to scale up or down to suit the size of the device. Single core wire coils are brillaimt if you want a vapour experience thats on the warm side, with great vapour and flavour production while conserving your battery life of your mod. 

Dual core to Quad core wire coils:
You won't see these types of coils in MTL kits, these types are large in nature and designed towards Sub-Ohm tanks and mods. If you boil these types of designs down there are essentially Single core wire coils but duplicated 2 to 4 times and wired together into the same coil. This type of coils is prefect for those vapours who want to produce huge plumes of vapour and experience massive flavour and don't mind a hotter vaping experience, replacing the coil more that the single core wire coils and having to charge your device more. These types of coils give powerful clouds and flavour but demand more power from your Mod. 

Mesh coils:
Mesh coils are an amazing in-between of the two previous coil design but offer there own benefits. Mesh coils use a "Mesh" sheet to heat up the wicking materials instead of the "coil spring". Mesh coils are designed so more area of the surrounding cotton is covered by the mesh coil. This means when you vape more of the cotton is in contact with the metal mesh element and thus more vapour and in extension more flavour is produced. Due to the nature of mesh coils they require less power to heat up and heat up more constantly meaning you save on battery life and the mesh coil typically has a linger life span than traditional "Coil wire coils". These types of coils are perfect for people who want superb flavour and cloud production while saving on battery life and coil life.


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