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Mouth to Lung Vaping

MTL stands for Mouth to Lung and these types of devices are most commonly "Pen Kits" like the red T18E pictured. MTL kits are vaped the same way you would smoke a cigarette, breathed into the mouth first then to lungs afterwards. These kits are often the same as POD kits where they're no fuss vapes. However, in this category of devices you can get MTL kits that allow you to customise your vaping experience more through wattage controls and air flow control as well.

These are your typical "starter" kits that most people will take their first vaping steps with. However, to call MTL kits "starter" kits is a bit of an over simplification.

MTL kits have a wide spectrum of complexity from your easy to use "Pen Kits" all the way to MTL RTA decks. MTL or Mouth to Lung just means that the device is designed to be a closer emulation to the traditional smoking experience, with the harmful elements minimised! Normally MTL kits and tanks use coils that are at or above 1.0ohms in resistance, this is what helps provide that tighter draw. Due to the resistances of the coils used, the e-liquid that you use in MTL kits is normally recommended to be a 50vg 50pg mix.

MTL kits like POD kits and are perfect for people who want a tighter draw for there vaping experience and who don't want to produce massive clouds without sacrificing massive flavour!

High levels of nicotine can be used in these types of devices along with Nic Salt e-liquids for smooth MTL vaping!



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