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POD Kit Devices

POD kits are brilliant for those who want to vape higher nicotine percentages and want a no fuss way of vaping.  POD devices typically use a pod system, where the coil and tank are included in a small plastic container that clips into the e-cigarette and once the coil is burnt you dispose the pod and replace it with a fresh one! 

No fuss vaping at its finest!

There are a few different types of POD devices available on the market. They are "True", "Hybrid" and "Prefilled" POD devices. 

"True" POD systems are as described above, the coil and tank are built into one POD which when burnt the entire POD gets replaced. You are also able to refill these pods with any e-liquid of your choosing. As an example Uwell's Caliburn is a "True" POD device. 

"Hybrid" POD devices are much like "True" POD devices apart from the fact that you replace the coil in the POD instead of replacing the entire POD. These types of devices require a little more maintenance but have upsides to them like e-liquid is typically easier to save and you can purchase higher capacity PODs. As an example the Drag S/X by VooPoo is a "Hybrid" POD device. 

"Pre-filled" POD devices are POD kits with PODs that are pre-filled with e-liquid and can be refilled once empty. Apart from this difference they work much like "True" POD when the e-liquid has run out or the coil has burnt, you dispose the entire POD. The JUUL is a classic example of a pre-filled POD kit.


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