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You have seen these before, you might have even tried them yourself, Elf bars are disposable vape pens that come in a variety of different flavours each with their own unique colour to them.
These 600puff disposable vapes have made a name for themselves in the vaping industry, by having a wide range of flavours in a convenient & nice looking package! It helps that they taste & vape great too. 
I personally think that Elf Bars are perfect for nights out to take with you instead of your kit/mod,  they are also great for you social smokers out there that like to pinch a cig of your mates when you have had a few pints! They are affordable (often on deals) and they are a healthier alternative to smoking (the NHS & PHE says vaping is 95% less dangerous than smoking). 
Their flavours are well rounded, smooth and sweet without becoming too sickly. I would recommend people try these if you want a convenient way of vaping or people trying to quit smoking!


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