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Tips on cleaning your tank!

Device matinence is important to keep your mod and tank running smoothy, today I am going to share some tips with you on cleaning your e-cig tank.

Now these tips might not apply 1 to 1 to your tank (due to there being loads of different designs out there) but follow along. When cleaning your tank it is good practice to first unscrew the tank from your mod (the pen or box mod) if possible, some kits like the Aspire PockeX for example have the tank built into the pen mod, this is still fine you will just have to mosty use tissues to wipe away residue.

After unscrewing your tank, first clear out your old eliquid by using a few tissues to caught it or find a bin or sink to empty it into.

Once the tank is empty of e-liquid unscrew or pull out your coil/atomizer and place it to the side if not burned, if it is burned bin it!

Now you should have the 510 connector/base, top cap, chamber and glass with the coil removed. Good if you where able to unscrew your tank from your mod, you can now either rinse these parts with a running tap or place these items in to warm soapy water for a deep clean. (Warning do not rinse the coil/atomizer, or mod with water at any point)

After you have rinsed your tank or taken them out of the warm soapy water, make sure to completey dry off each part with tissue paper or a clean towel.

After the tank is dry you can place the coil back into the tank, fill it up with your favourite E-Liquid and get back to vaping! If you have anymore questions or aren't quite sure about what you should do, don't hesitate to give our Facebook page a message and someone will get back to you 🙂 Let's Vape MCR

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