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Vaping, as most areas of technology, has its own specific jargon that you have to learn if you want to understand the true ins and outs of Vaping. With this blog post I am hoping to cover most of the main jargon terms you will hear throughout your time vaping.

So let's start with the terms that are essential to understand.

Mg/strength/nicotine percentage:

These terms are relatively easy to understand at face value but it's still important to know what these mean. These terms describe the Nicotine strength of the E-liquid you're purchasing or using. Some shops might have there nicotine strengths labeled as percentages (0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2%) and other shops, such as ours, has there nicotine strengths labeled by mg (3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 20mg) mg stands for milligram. Whether the nicotine strength is labeled by percentages or milligrams both give you an accurate indication to how strong the Nicotine content is in your E-liquid. Percentages and milligrams in 10ml bottles are interchangeable, for example 0.3% is equivalent to 3mg in 10ml bottles.

MTL/"starter kit"/pen kit:

MTL stands for Mouth-to-lung, which describes a style of vaping reminiscent of traditional smoking, this style of vaping usually involves inhaling the Vape into your mouth and then inhaling a second time into the lungs. When asking about this style of E-cig you may hear terms like "starter set" or "pen kit" thrown about, typically these terms are used interchangeably and often mean the same thing.

DTL/Restricted-DTL/"sub-ohm"/"box mod":

DTL stands for Direct-to-lung, this style of vaping is the most well known style huge clouds and huge E-cigs. These kits are typically not as pocket friendly as MTL kits due to there size, but DTL kits are great for vaping High wattages with low ohm coils, these style give you great flavour and a greater battery usage cost. Restricted Direct-to-lung (Restricted DTL) is a term used to describe a lower wattages sub-ohm experience, closer to that of a MTL kit. The term "sub-ohm" is often used a replacement for the term DTL, but all it truly means is a coil that below the 1ohm mark in resistance, most DTL kits use sub-ohm coils but not every Sub-ohm coil is designed for DTL vaping. "Box Mod" is a term normally used as a generalisation to describe a DTL kit but it means the Mod or the component of the ecig that houses the battery/batteries and has the power/menu controls.


These three terms are used interchangeably to describe the same component of your E-cig. The most used term is coil, the coil is the segment of your E-cig normally located in your tank, that heats up and vaporisers your E-liquid, you should be regularly changing this component (about every 1-2 weeks depending on usage).


These terms are all used to describe the same thing, the electrical resistance of your coil. Each coil is different and is designed for different usages. MTL coils typically have a resistance of about 1Ω/ohm or higher while DTL/sub-ohm kits typically have coils ranging from 0.8Ω/ohms all the way down to 0.15Ω/ohms. Please check what resistance/ohm/Ω your coils are and what wattage they are best used at. If you are unsure dont hesitate to message/email us.


The term power is used to describe the wattage setting on the E-cig. Wattage is the correct term to describe the increments of power that your Mod provides to your tank and coil. Most coils have wattage requirements and maximum settings that will best utilise the coils to provide the best flavour and vaping experience. Each coil is different so please make sure to ask your friendly neighbourhood vape shop worker or check the packing or coil first. "W" is used as a shorthand for wattage for example, 30w, would stand for 30 watts. You might see a range on a coil where the coil works best for example the VooPoo PNP-VM1 coils work best between 32w-40w (32watts to 40watts).

We will cover more vaping Jargon in our next Blog Post so please stay tuned! And don't worry if you have any questions please use our social media to ask us those questions! Or visit our shop in salford!


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