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VooPoo has smashed it out of the park with their line of PnP pod-mods & TPP pod-mods from the Drag S kit to the Argus GT II Kits these vape kits has supplied huge flavour, versatility & value.

What the stand out feature about the PNP line in particular is the huge amount of versatility you get from coil options and super customisable Airflow control allowing you to do both Sub-ohm vaping and Mouth to lung vaping depending on which could you use!

No matter what coil you do choose whether it's the PnP-R1 coil for nic salt vaping or the PnP-VM6 coil for sub-ohm vaping the vape is always smooth with zero turbulence from the Airflow and the flavour these coils gives you are great!

Now for the TPP pod lines these are built for sub-ohm vaping but lack the same versatility of the PnP pods. But don't let that put you off if sub-ohm vaping is your thing this is the pod you want to choose!

Overall I would recommend VooPoo's PnP & TPP pods to anyone! If you are thinking about starting to vaping I would recommend going with the PnP pod kits like the Drag S, the Drag S is easy to use and can let you try out both styles of vaping on the fly!


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