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What are coils and how do they work?

Coils are one of the most important parts of any vaping device, but there are some who don't know much about them, I am hoping to shed some light on what a coil is and how they work in this post. 

A coil/atomiser, to put it simply, is the component of any E-cig that heats up your E-liquid and vaporises the E-liquid producing the vapour that you breathe in and out.  

The coil is typically constructed of a metal outer-shell that houses a cotton fiber cylinder that inturn surrounds a metal coil (the part in the middle that looks like a spring). The coil works much like a light bulb does, the metal coil has a resistance to it that causes it to heat up once your mod starts to pass power through it. 

The metal coil then heats the E-liquid that's soaked into that Cotton fiber cylinder that surrounds it, which causes the E-liquid to vaporise. 

There are different varieties of "coils" that you can get for different devices however, all coils work on this very simple premise of heating a metal element, thats has a certain know electrical resistance, to vaporise your E-liquid.



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