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Have you found yourself asking this question? No matter where you go or what shop you find yourself in everyone seems to be using pod kits! Hopefully I can shed some light on your vaping quandaries!

This style of Vaping kit broke on to the market a few years ago and now it seems to have become one of the main styles of kit design.

Most people have found themselves drawn to pod kits for a few reasons, firstly these kits are designed to put convenience at the forefront of the vaping experience, with easy to fill and change pods and minimal set-up and knowledge required to start vaping with it. These kits are perfect for those who don't want to faff around with there vape to get it perfect, they just want it to vape great out of the box.

Secondly these kits work great with Nic salt eliquid, they produce great flavour, have quick & smooth power delivery all at the push of a button or even a breath activated drag sometimes!

So with POD kits being convenient to use, providing great flavour & also being on the cheaper side of the kit market, many new & veteran vapers have been drawn to POD kits and found themselves sticking with them for their day to day vape.

Personally I don't think anything could ever replace my RDA & squank mod set-up, but I have used quite a few POD kits in the past and have enjoyed my time with them. I can certainly see why people are drawn to them, for their ease of use, flavour & Nic salt paring too.



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