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In the current vaping landscape of pod kits and disposables you might be thinking
"why do people still use those huge vapes?"
And it would be fair to say that the traditional "box mod" kits aren't as popular as disposables or pod kits these days, but they still have a place in the vaping scene!
And that place is people who want the best flavour & great cloud production. Traditional box mod kits like the Voopoo Argus GTII offer people the chance to customise their way of vaping while offering them the power to make huge clouds packed with flavour.
Typically box mods are for more advanced vaper, but that doesn't mean they are difficult to use at all most are quite simple to use. They offer huge amounts of power, normally up to 200watts, to use sub-ohm tanks designed to get the maximum amount of flavour out of the Eliquid you put in there!
I still think Box mods have their place & niche in today's current vaping market and I would recommend anyone wanting more out of vaping to try one yourself!


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