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Lets Vape 50ml 2 for £12

Lets Vape 50ml 2 for £12

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Cherry & Raspberry Menthol
Reminiscent of a popular cough sweet, cherry, raspberry, menthol and

Blueberry Spearmint
A fresh and fruity mix of blueberry with a shot of spearmint, this blend will definitely excite your taste buds.

Citrus Ice
Our citrus ice flavour is a delicious mix of sweet lemon and grapefruit with a cool menthol hit. Certain to give your taste buds a jolt!

A mix of fruit, cool mint and absinthe makes for one of the best vapes

Black Ice
The smooth, cool flavour of menthol mixed with the sweet tartness of blackcurrants.

This great all-rounder is a perfect escape from tobacco.


Grape & Apple
A mix of sweet American-style grape combined with rich red apple.

A slightly sweeter than standard raspberry - crisp and tangy.

Blue Raspberry & Grape
Light and zingy blue raspberry, paired with sweet and tangy white grape, delivering a mouth-watering profile.

Strawberry and Rhubarb
A delicious mix of fresh strawberry and tangy rhubarb.

A fruity liquid with a sweet smell that lingers. Just add pancakes for the perfect morning vape!

Blue Raspberry
Our blue raspberry is a delicious and sweet vape packed with flavour, it will definitely bring you back to childhood memories of fizzy pop!

Forest Fruits
A mixture of sweet and tart forest berries gives a smooth vape that’s perfect for a walk in the woods.

Strawberry & Watermelon
Bold watermelon flavours are mixed with the sweetness of strawberry to produce a liquid that’s sure to get people talking.


Bakewell Tart
Beautifully buttery pastry encases moreish almond notes, layered with
sumptuous cherry jam and a generous layer of silky-sweet icing.

Banoffee Pie
Indiscriminately indulgent toffee notes marbled with brilliantly creamy banana, lavished over a crumbly base.

Strawberry & Lime Lolly
A fantastic twist on a childhood classic, our strawberry and lime is
perfectly balanced to produce great clouds of flavour that are certain to send you back to those long summer holidays!

Tangy Cherry Bubblegum
Fizzy Blue-Bottles - The original bottle shaped classic sweet with a
bubblegum flavour and a fizzy sugar coating.

Raspberry Custard
Deep, creamy vanilla custard invigorated with an infusion of sharp and
tangy fresh raspberries.

Pink Glazed Doughnut
A delectably light, fresh fried doughnut lovingly glazed with a stickysweet raspberry and strawberry infusion, with an oozing heart of gooey jam to match.

Strawberry Cheesecake
A buttery biscuit base upholds a layer of velveteen cream cheese marbled with a tantalisingly sticky strawberry coulis.

Lemon Drizzle Cake
A mainstay for any afternoon tea! Delectably fluffy aerated sponge dusted with golden sugar and drenched in a sweet, zesty lemon reduction.

Butterscotch Custard
A truly luxurious combination of deep, warming butterscotch perfectly
suspended in fresh creamy custard.

Lemon Sherbet
Let this sweet, smooth liquid take you back to the sweetshops of your childhood.

  • All Let's Vape e-liquids are made in a 60,000 sqft manufacturing facility complete with a specialised ISO 7 cleanroom – the largest in the UK
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified with fully implemented quality management systems & HACCP processes
  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine, PG & VG
  • All products are batch tested with full traceability on all raw materials
  • In-house analytical testing laboratory
  • Recently audited to GMP standards and passed
  • No nicotine.

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