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Pinkman (blackcurrant and fruity notes)

Pinkman (blackcurrant and fruity notes)

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Pinkman (blackcurrant and fruity notes). This is a flavour concentrate which should be diluted using your chosen base. Do not attempt to vape the undiluted flavouring.
When mixing your own e liquid please note the following:
We would recommend that you use 10% to 20% concentrate with your chosen base. But a different concentration may be more up your street. Do remember that too much flavour can be overpowering so don’t go bananas! It is best to build up your flavour gradually as you can always add more if you need to.
Mixing flavours can sometimes produce unexpected results and may create new background flavours. When developing a recipe, start by making small quantities so that you don’t risk wasting your ingredients. Then steep your e liquids for 1 to 2 weeks and vape them to test your flavours. It may require a little trial and error to produce the best results.
Always record your recipes as you mix them so you can replicate any successful flavours.
Look to your favourite e liquids for inspiration.
Make use of an e liquid mixing calculator to help you correctly formulate your recipes.

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