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Wimto Flavour Concentrate

Wimto Flavour Concentrate

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Capturing the unique taste of one of the nation’s favourite drinks (no prizes for guessing which one!), our Wimto concentrate enables you to create wonderfully vibrant vapes.

A sweet and fruity flavour, Wimto features grape, raspberry and blackcurrant notes in a refreshing blend that we think you will love. By the way, did you know that Vimto was invented as early as 1908 and was originally a health tonic? Isn't it amazing how many of our most popular treats were initially marketed as medicinal products?  We don’t claim that Wimto will improve your health, but then again, a flavour this delicious will keep you vaping rather than smoking and that’s for sure!

This is a flavour concentrate which should be diluted using your chosen base. Do not attempt to vape the undiluted flavouring.

When mixing your own e-liquid please note the following:

  • We recommend that you use 10% - 20% concentrate with your chosen base. But flavour is matter of personal taste. Do remember that too much flavour can be     overpowering. It is best to build your flavour gradually as you can always add more later.
  • Flavours can react with each other in unexpected ways and may create new background flavours that you  couldn’t have predicted.  Make small quantities of juice to start with and test the flavour as this will prevent you from wasting your ingredients if you don’t like your recipe.  Steep your e-liquids for 1 to 2 weeks and then vape them to test your flavours. Evolving the perfect juice may require a little trial and error.
  • Always record your recipes as you mix them so you can replicate any successful flavours in the future.
  • Your favourite e-liquids can provide inspiration for your recipes.
  • Make use of an e-liquid mixing calculator to help you to correctly formulate your recipes.

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