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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp oil. It one of over 100 active cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis which are related species. There are two types of cannabinoids found in nature. Phytocannabinoids which are found in plants and Endocannabinoids which are produced within the body.

Our vape shop has been selling CBD oil since 2018, to customers across Manchester, and the local areas of Salford, Deansgate, Castlefield, Ancoats, New Islington and further afield, and we will be happy to assist you in purchasing any of our vaping products.

Endocannabinoids help us to regulate our bodies and keep them in balance. They help to cool us down when we are too hot, they boost blood sugar when we need them to, and they send hunger signals to our brains. Our endocannabinoid system features receptors. These are protein molecules which receive and respond to chemical signals and then illicit a cellular response. Those receptors can react to both endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids.


It is largely a matter of choice which type of CBD you use, whether that’s a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, by inhaling it, digesting it or by absorption through the skin.

As a food supplement, the maximum adult daily recommended dose is 200mg. We would recommend starting by using a Love Hemp product twice per day and taking 10mg each time.

New reports are forecasting a 700% growth in the CBD market to $2.1B by 2020. In the UK, the market for CBD is thought to be generating £50M annually.

The potential benefits of CBD

The NHS is currently conducting trials to explore the potential efficacy of CBD in stress management. However, scientists have yet to recognise that CBD is therapeutic in any way. You will know that cannabis is now utilised for medicinal purposes. In addition, studies have shown that CBD may influence a variety of receptors and so could be beneficial in addressing many issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, pain, eating disorders and insomnia.


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